Things That Made Me Go “Hmm…”

Every week I post the most thought-provoking, funny, and insightful things that I’ve managed to stumble across online right here on my blog. Sometimes there are articles, other times there are videos, and occasionally there are just memes or downright stupid observations. Whatever the content, I put it together in a weekly recap. So, if you’re interesting in finding out what exactly makes me go, “Hmm…” keep reading.

  • Week 22: Isis killing Christians in Kenya, Prince Harry’s Spitfire Scholarship flight, kids discover rotary phones, a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch, Manuela’s “The Price is Right” blooper, and a Happy Easter to all.

  • Week 21: More Anti-Semitism in Europe, Lena Dunham spews garbage, an old man makes sweaters for… penguins, Wisconsin Badger (the athlete, not the animal) acts adorably, and how to spell “truck”.

  • Week 20: The United Nations, Imagined Conversations between President Obama and Prince Charles, sweat pants, clueless friends, Ikea art, and why modern art is so bad.

  • Week 19: SNL Hillary, Benevolent sexism, a brutally honest Cinderella trailer, great tweets, and Boyfriend shirts.

  • Week 18: Union Jack Serta sheep, all the times Fitspiration was wrong, Anti-Semitism on our college campuses, an open letter to Queensland women, and what would happen if women cat-called men.

  • WEEK 17: Ducktales (Woo-hoo!), all things Owl related (including, but not limited to children’s books and cafes), the word “got”, the united kingdom, and 9 things all introverts love but would never admit to.

  • Week 16: A Tale of 2 Harrys, “Friends” episodes from 2015, Conan O’Brien, Teacher Hilarity, Red Pandas, and a Relatively Accurate Representation of Americans at Breakfast.

  • Week 15: Cats Acting Like Jerks, A President Acting Like an Idiot, Civilians Eating Military Food, Valentine’s Day GIFs, What Women Want, and Why Commas Matter.

  • Week 14: Brian Williams, Morning Haters, “To Kill a Mockingbird” Sequel Title Suggestions, Awkward People, Awards Seasons and Math Problems.

  • Week 13: Mike Huckabee, Megyn Kelly, Whistling at Your Mom, Yoga Pants, Kitten Bowl II, Social Media Honesty, and Rosa Parks.

  • Week 12: Washington’s Ordinary Adventures, Dumb Things Beauty Contestants Say, and Teaching Memes.

  • Week 11: Hilarious Test Answers, The Best of Teacher Humor, “Basketball Class”, and Apple Butter.

  • Week 10: John Hamm, The Ramona Books, Charlie Hebdo Victims, Divorce Blaming, Office Honesty, and Handshake Snubs.

  • Weeks 8 & 9: Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln, Jim Carrey, Arctic Blast, Round Robin Reading, Crazy Professor Reading Method, and Isaiah 43:18-19.

  • Week 7: Introducing People Like Pets, Disliking Children, BuzzFeed, North Korea, Life Hacks, and Christmas Hams.

  • Week 6: Man or Woman Test, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hipster Santa, Target Issues, Teacher Problems, and Best Christmas Card Ever.

  • Week 5: Middle Schoolers Not Sitting Still, Pinterest, Elf on the Shelf, and The Affordable Care Act.

  • Week 4: Control Freak Sisters, “Tyrone”, Cuddle Sluts, and Kristen Bell’s Sloth Issues.

  • Week 3: Shia LaBeouf, Mean Celebrity Tweets, and Christian Cliches.

  • Week 2: Nothing. The internet was “broken”. And I was lazy.

  • Week 1: Pointer Gate, Big Dreams, Democratic Meltdowns, Tori and the Bloated Canadian, Life as an Introvert, and Reverse SAD.


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