Iced Vanilla Lattes and Blueberry Mini Scones

You guys…

Can we just pause a moment and talk about the phenomenal Iced Vanilla Latte and Blueberry Mini Scone I just finished?

Because… those two things pretty much made my Saturday. (Thus, the reason I capitalized their names.) Pretty much the only thing better might be an Iced Mocha and White Chocolate Raspberry Mini Scone.

I’ve been on an “Iced Coffee-Type Drink Thingy and Scone” kick for quite some time. Funny, because I always thought I hated scones, and then one day that’s all they had left in the case at the coffee shop and I hadn’t had breakfast so I figured, “What the heck…” And then I had one and my life pretty much changed forever.

True story.

But now both those phenomenal food items are gone… because I ate them… and now my life is just a little bit sadder and the day a little bit grayer.


On the upside, I have another Jon Verdon book to keep me company on this rainy day and a copy of “On the Beach” waiting to be picked up at the library. So, I shan’t be sad for too long. (Has anyone read “On the Beach”? By Nevil Shute? I read it in high school. It’s phenomenal. You should totally read it. Because I said so. What, like you need another reason? Puh-lease.)

In other news, my interview yesterday went amazingly well. I pretty much fell in love with the school and the people I met there. But I’m trying not to get my hopes up. So, every time I start to fantasize about how much I would love to work there, I remind myself that even if they DO want me, the pay might be so minimal that I would have to save up for all those Iced Vanilla Lattes and Blueberry Mini Scones I love so much. And then I come crashing back down to reality. Oddly enough, it seems to be working…

In other-other news, Winston has claimed my desk chair as his “New Favorite Sleeping Spot”. Which means, the minute I vacate the chair, he has taken my place. It would be cute if he didn’t leave his fur all over everything all the time… so much fur that I could easily make sweaters for at least 79% of the world’s population. (You think I’m kidding, but I’m totally not…) And then the second I sit back down my butt gets coated with all this cat fur, and then I go to the coffee shop and can’t figure out why everyone is suddenly staring at my furry butt. *sigh* Pet ownership is hard, you guys…

My point? Ha! That’s a good one… you guys crack me up.

Later, gators.


Book Snobbery Strikes Again

Remember that time I told you I was a total book snob?

Well, it’s happening again.

I was all excited to have a new library to visit (and by new, I mean, brand new… as in, they just built it… as in, everything still has that lovely toxic “new stuff” smell to it) and I’ve already checked out four books and I haven’t read a single one of them.

Why? Because I’m a book snob.

In my defense, this wasn’t a case of “Your writing is abominably deplorable. Where did you get this published? Kindle?” (Not that there’s anything wrong with getting things published on Kindle. That’s just the book snob in me rearing her ugly head again…) It was just a case of, “Meh. You’re just not doing it for me, dude. It’s not you. It’s me. Really. I think it’s best if we take a break for now…”

True story.

Not even Kurt Vonnegut could do it for me. KURT VONNEGUT! I heart Kurt Vonnegut! Who doesn’t heart Kurt Vonnegut?! He’s a brilliant writer. But I checked out Timequake and even though the writing was exquisite, I just couldn’t get around all the randomness of it (Which is really saying something because the book smelled really, really good. Like the perfect combination of old glue and slightly musty paper.).

Um... duh.

Um… duh.

Honestly, the whole “book smelling” thing might be posing a slight problem. Mainly because I feel compelled to get more books regardless of whether I’m going to read them or not… because… well… because the smell.

I mean, is there anything better?


Pretty much, no.

So, for now I’m left battling my book snobbery demons while trying to overcome my book smelling addiction. It’s not a pretty sight, peeps…

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to return my books and check out some more that I will never read. Demons and addictions can be dealt with tomorrow.



Things That Made Me Go “Hmm…” – Week 27

Alright, bloggity peeps. Here we go. I promise this particular post will not only be thrilling, but awe-inspiring as well. And then afterwards, everyone gets to take home a magical, cotton candy unicorn.

  • First off, let’s just get this out of the way: Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there who have successfully produced progeny and lovingly nurtured, guided and raised the fruit of their loins. I will be purposefully avoiding Facebook and Twitter today in an effort to shield myself from the reminders that I am relatively worthless because I have not yet been fruitful and multiplied. But that’s just me. (Seriously, though. Happy Mother’s Day. Mothers are wonderful. None of us would be here without them.)
  • This is not only fun, but hilarious as well: 25 Better Names for the New Royal Baby.  My top 3 picks? Mary Moonpuncher, Champ Number-One Queen Baby, and… wait for it… Charles Grodin??? YESSSSS… Seriously fantastic.
  • And lastly… OH. MY. WORD. Pixar has a new movie coming out this November… and it looks… amazible. (Why, yes, yes I did just invent a new word. Thank you for noticing. I’m glad you like it.)

Alright, peeps. That’s all I have this week. Sorry if this particular post seemed half-assed. It’s probably because it was. (What? Everyone else is half-assing it lately, why can’t I?)

Over n’ out, good buddies. Have a great week.

Dr. Seuss?!

So, remember how I totally and completely freaked out about the news that Harper Lee’s sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird” was finally getting published?

Well, now there’s THIS.

They found another manuscript by Dr. Seuss written somewhere between 1958 and 1962. It’s called “What Pet Should I Get” and it’s coming out July 28th.

Excuse me while I go scoop my brains off the floor because my head just EXPLODED.

SERIOUSLY? In a matter of WEEKS, two of my all-time favorite authors are coming out with NEW BOOKS?!

Is this even real?!

I’m not sure I know how to process this information… The book nerd side of me is all…




This has seriously been the BEST MONTH EV-ER for the literary world.


No words.



This sort of visceral reaction is just further confirmation that I’m the nerdiest geek of all time.

Admit it, you love me.

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Lessons from Miss Rumphius

"MissRumphiusBookCover" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

“MissRumphiusBookCover” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

In the 3rd grade, my beloved, very British school teacher introduced the class to the storybook, Miss Rumphius.

I immediately became enamored with the story of “The Lupine Lady” and in fact, Miss Rumphius will forever remain my favorite picture book. Not only is it beautifully written and illustrated, but the message woven into the story is one that every child should hear – that no matter what you accomplish or where you go in life, you must do something to make the world a more beautiful place.

The message within the story resonated so much with me that I went home contemplating what I could do, at the tender age of 8, to make the world a more beautiful place. In fact, this children’s book was such an inspiration that I’ve long since taken its message as a personal motto of sorts. If there is one thing I want to do in my life, it’s to make the world a more beautiful place. The tricky part is (just as it was for Miss Alice Rumphius) finding out what will make the world a more beautiful place.

For as long as I can remember I have said that my dream, my heart’s desire, my passion was to make a difference in the world – to make a difference in the lives of people – to help people, to teach people, to give them a hand up. Perhaps I do this to a small extent as a teacher, and to a miniscule extent as a writer, but the catch is this: Am I doing enough? Part of the dream is to have a big impact, to make a big difference, to offer substantial help and hope to hurting people. And if that’s part of the dream then… I know I’m not doing enough.

Nothing in life gives me more pleasure than helping others – whether it’s packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child or making donations to the Salvation Army, or offering love and support to a hurting child, or giving words of encouragement to those who need to hear it. But the thing is… I always want to do… more. I want to help more, I want to give more – and the problem is, I don’t know how. Short of whipping out my imaginary bottomless checkbook or volunteering copious amounts of time and energy I don’t have… how does one do more?

Maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point isn’t to do more… but just to do what you can. But if that’s the point, then why can’t I shake the feeling that I have more to do and more to give? How does one make the world a more beautiful place on a wider scale?

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful…”

But I do not yet know what that can be.



So, I leave to go have coffee with a dear friend of mine, and while I’m away the whole literary world explodes with the biggest news in a very, VERY long time? What is that about?

My inner book nerd is TOTALLY freaking out about this.

This. Is. Epic.


You know… the author of To Kill a Mockingbird? My favorite book of all time?

Her second novel. Finally.


This is HUGE.

On the outside I’m all totally normal.

But inside? I’m all…

If you have not read To Kill a Mockingbird, I’m pretty much ordering you to get it from the library, the local bookstore, or Amazon RIGHT NOW. (Here. I’m even providing a link for you. That’s how awesome this book is.) It is the most exquisitely crafted story of childhood and social justice and race relations and the loss of innocence… and it’s funny and the characters are complicated and… simply put… It. Is. Brilliant.


Best. News. Ever.

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