Annie’s Vernacular

Occasionally, while reading my blog, you may come across terminology or phrases which you are unfamiliar with.. Fear not, dear reader. This page offers a handy-dandy reference to my most frequently used and most misunderstood phrases, lest you get lost amid the wacky and wonderful world of Annie’s vernacular.

  • Harrible: (See also, “horrible”.) Terrible. Not good. Very bad. Pronounced “h-AR-ible” for emphasis.
  • ANYhoodles: Anyway. Anyhow. A way of changing the subject when no other reasonable transition between topics can be made. Usually used in awkward conversational transitions.
  • Bloggity Peeps: Individuals who read my blog and/or whose blogs I read.
  • Mer: Typically used to convey boredom, apathy and/or frustration. As in “Mer. Life is hard.”
  • Meh: A slight variation of “Mer”, this phrase is typically used to convey apathy and/or indifference. As in, “Meh. Who cares?”
  • Ya’ll: You all. All of you. Meant to encompass the entirety of the blog audience.
  • Ev-ER: (See also, “ever”.) Ever. With particular emphasis on the “er” to highlight the importance and/or rarity of the person, place, or thing being referenced.
  • GAWD: (See also, “God”.) God. Supreme being with infinite knowledge. Most often used in the phrase “Oh my GAWD”.

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