I used to think it was a dirty word, meant for people who didn’t want to make a marriage work and weren’t committed to the vows they made before God.

And then *POOF*.

My husband disappeared.

Or rather, walked away, in an attempt to make our marriage disappear.

The man I loved so deeply, so completely, so entirely had called me up, out of the blue, while I was away visiting family and told me…

He didn’t love me. He had never loved me. He wanted to be with someone else.

I never really understood what it meant to be blind-sided until those words were spoken to me.

I couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t fathom.

Hadn’t it been just yesterday he had said he loved and missed me before hanging up the phone?

Hadn’t it just been days since I was telling my friends what a wonderful husband I had?

Hadn’t we had a good marriage? A happy marriage?

Hadn’t we just been planning our family and our future?

And just like that… he walked away.

This is my journey to recover from the abandonment, the betrayal, and the hurt of my spouse leaving me.

Under and over, around and through. Let’s see what’s on the other side.


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