I’m a bona fide grown-up, ya’ll.

I had absolutely no intention of posting today, seeing as a good portion of my day was going to be spent in the car jamming to Taylor Swift and Andy Grammer on my way to the “Big City”.

Alas, it seems the universe had other plans for me.

After getting my things packed up, directions printed out, and my medium iced vanilla latte and orange raspberry scone purchased, I was on my way.

However, 30 minutes into my trip, my plans were thwarted when my car was overtaken by a deafening *thud*, *thud*, *THUD*, *THUD*, *THUD* coming from the rear of my car. I immediately pulled over to investigate.

That’s when I found this:

2015-07-28 17.12.20

Okay, so it’s not the best picture, but what you’re looking at is a nine inch metal rod sticking out of my tire.

How that stupid metal rod managed to be missed by every other car on the road but mine is beyond me. All I knew was that it was causing a racket while banging against my wheel well, and causing air to shoot out of my tire at a ridiculous pace.

Thank GOD this happened directly across the road from a bar.

Thank GOD there just so happened to be a bar in the middle of nowhere, 10 miles in either direction from the nearest town.

Thank GOD that bar had opened just a half hour earlier.

Thank GOD I had the presence of mind to sign up for emergency road side assistance when purchasing my car insurance.

SO, I made a u-turn, pulled into the bar parking lot and pulled out my cell phone.

No cell service. NONE. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I had forgotten that once you leave the confines of my small town you lose cell service for the next 40 miles before hitting another signal strong enough to pick up. Which is why I was so thankful the bar was actually OPEN at 11:30 on a TUESDAY.

So, I went in, asked to use the phone, and spent the next half hour on the phone with roadside assistance, trying to help them figure out my location. (When you live in the boonies, and all towns are at least 20 minutes apart… it can be a hassle trying to locate someone. I’m sure the operator was like, “What the hell?! There’s not even a town on the map by that name! Where the heck is this girl?!”) To make matters worse, the reception on the land line was ridiculously bad. I spent half the conversation asking the operator to repeat herself. After that got figured out, I had to wait another 60 minutes before help from the nearest town could be dispatched to my location at the bar in the middle of nowhere.

So, while I waited, the bartender gave me a Coke and turned the channel to HGTV while we chatted amiably about fixer-uppers and DIY rennovations. At the bar. In the middle of nowhere.

FINALLY, the help arrived, the dude replaced my tire with a spare lickety-split, and I was headed back home to make an appointment with the nearest service station to have my tire replaced… once I was able to get cell service again… which wasn’t until I rolled back into town… 2 and a half hours later.

SO, my plans to pack up my belongings and get them moved to my new place will have to wait until tomorrow. My plans to pick up my sister from far away for a short visit will have to be undertaken by someone else.


So much for plans…

The best part of this whole ordeal? I was a total grown up about it. I didn’t have a hissy fit. I didn’t cry. I didn’t throw my hands in the air like a helpless damsel in distress. I just dealt with it.

That’s epic, peeps. Past Annie would totally have done all of the above before pulling herself together enough to figure out what to do. Present Annie? She was totally unfazed. She pulled up her big girl pants, took a deep breath, and got the job done. No crying. No wailing. No hissy fitting. Just normal, responsible, problem solving.

I honestly didn’t know I had it in me.

I think this officially makes me a bona fide grown-up, ya’ll.


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