I’m leaking money again

Aw, crap.

I’m leaking money again, you guys.

  • First month’s rent and deposit down on an apartment.
  • New furniture to be gotten.
  • U-Haul to be rented to help move new furniture.
  • New contact lenses to be gotten.
  • New haircut. (Okay, you may consider that frivolous, but dudes, my hair had taken over my head. This was an emergency.)
  • Gas for the many, many, MANY trips back and forth to the new digs.
  • New towels, bath accessories, end tables, kitchen appliances to be bought because in my grief and anguish of last summer I LET THE ASS HAT KEEP EVERYTHING I OWN…

It’s just…


I am not a spender. I am a saver. So, to watch myself go through all this money I had saved for circumstances just as these… even though it makes sense… it’s still torture. Also? Knowing that I will not be able to build back up those savings anytime soon because I will basically be working for free, is also torture.

Dwight feels me…

Did I mention I HATE money? It is seriously the bane of my existence. Also? Loving it is the root of all evil, so there’s that to consider…

I’m sorry… what was I saying?

Oh, yes. Money is a harrible idea. Whoever invented it should be taken out back and given a strong talking to. This is why I should be independently wealthy. This is why I should get together with P. Harry. (Henceforth, this shall be his name… because it’s more fun to say than the whole title which is just too stuffy for me. OOH! This may need to be added to my lexicon…)

But, seriously, peeps.

Money is harrrrrrdddddd….

True story.




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