Things That Made Me Go “Hmm…” – Week 30

Okay, kids. Let’s try this again. If you happened to read my earlier post (which you didn’t) you’ll know I was too busy wallowing in self-pity and “Mer”-dom to actually write anything of substance. But after a little bit of wallowing and a whole lot of coffee, I’m much better now.

Let’s do this.

Here’s the list of Things That Made Me Go, “Hmm…”:

Plus, who doesn’t look good in a sailor uniform? No one. That’s who.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

  • My sister recently introduced me to this brilliant website called “GoNoodle”. It offers a ton of brain break videos for those days when the kiddos can’t seem to focus and sit still. I’m also assuming these videos would be useful for staff meetings, church, airport layovers, or while you wait for your woman to finally be done getting ready. I mean… I’m just thinking outside the box here, but the videos seem like fun for fully grown adults too so, why the heck not?

My sentiments exactly.

  • And lastly, the most terrifying animal on the face of the earth. (No wonder so many people hate cats… still, you gotta wonder what made him that way…)

Alrighty, kids. That’s all I have this week. Tune in next week for another exciting episode of… well… just wait… you’ll see.

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Go ahead. Motivate me.

So, I’m really trying to get into the swing of writing again.

And by “writing”, I don’t mean posting inane rants on my blog just to blow off steam. Don’t get me wrong… I love posting inane rants just to blow off steam… but at some point, I need to get some “serious” writing done. You know… buckle down and actually work on those projects that have been in the works for the last year.

But it’s hard. Even when I only work 2 days a week, the other 5 seem to be taken up with all kinds of time wasters. Not that I’m wasting my time… there are things that need to be taken care of, obviously. Like…

  • Laundry
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning up cat vomit
  • Spring cleaning
  • Preparing for important interviews
  • Reading “People” Magazine
  • Checking the headlines incessantly as if any new news has come in in the last 15 seconds since I last checked
  • Painting my toenails.
  • Wondering if I should go in for a pedicure.
  • Checking Facebook even though I DO NOT CARE
  • Checking Twitter
  • Doing anything and everything to distract myself from the writing task at hand

I realize I need to put on my big girl pants and just “get down to work”… but it’s HAAAARRRRDDDDD. (Okay, it’s not really… I just like to whine sometimes..)

How do you guys do it? Does it help to have a set “writing time” where you’re not allowed to focus on anything else except writing? Do you reward yourself when you get a certain amount of writing done (and does that actually motivate you?)? Do you find that you work best during a certain time of day? How do you control yourself from incessantly getting distracting by everything on the internet? Do you have to go somewhere to get quality writing done? Inquiring minds want to know.

SO… I want you all to give me your best writing advice. What works for you? What doesn’t? Any tips, suggestions and advice? Because I will take it all.

Bring it on, peeps. Go ahead. Motivate me.




I would very much like to punch today in the face

I would really like to punch today in the face.

*POW* Right in the kisser.

Or the throat. Whichever.

You know?

Because everyone and everything is really starting to get to me, and the only way to remedy it is just to punch today in the face.


Because they put whip in my mocha, and they didn’t ask if I wanted whip in my mocha, so I didn’t know there was whip in my mocha, and I let the whip melt because I didn’t know it was there. So, the mocha I had been craving for the last day and a half ended up being this weird milky non-coffee-like concoction. And it was not good.

Because whiners. Whiners whine way too much. Stop whining. FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD, STOP WHINING. Make some changes and stop whining about your life. Everything you’re  whining about are things you can do something about, so just SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING ALREADY. Good grief. Seriously? How hard is it?

Because jerks. The more I learn about people, the more I dislike them. Are there no decent people left in the world? Is everyone just a harrible, selfish, mean-spirited, lying, cheating, jerk-face whore now days? Is this like a thing now? Is this the trend? Because I do not like it. I do not like it one bit.

Because errands. They never end. Just when you think you’re all caught up you realize you’re all out of toilet paper and have to run out AGAIN… for the 15th time THAT DAY. And then the check-out clerk gives you a weird look like, “You again?” Ugh.

Because tourists. I know you’re enamored with our lovely little town, but I promise there’s nothing wrong with driving the speed limit on the main street. By the way, the speed limit is 30 mph… NOT 10, YOU MORON.

Because “Ladies Time”. Aw, crap. THAT’S why I’m so freakin’ angry today. Well, at least now I know the reason. That and the fact that people are just stupid idiots.

Go away, Today. You’re stupid and I’m done with you.

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Thank You

Yesterday, I took a trip to the cemetery.  I wanted to see the flag that was supposed to have been set out at my father’s graveside.

Seeing the flag at my father’s grave filled me an unexpected sense of pride. While he had only served a few years in the Air Force, and had never seen active duty, it was nice to see that flag waving in the wind as a reminder of his service to our country.


As I drove away from the grave and out of the cemetery, my attention was drawn to the field where those veterans who had seen active duty were buried. It was hard to miss as row upon row of American flags stood at attention, each one carefully placed there in memory of our service men and women.

It may sound cheesy, but it was beautiful. As I glanced over the other fields, American flags popped up here and there, dotting an otherwise flowery landscape with a symbol of our freedoms, our liberties, our way of life.

This Memorial Day, keep in mind the reason for the celebration: To honor and remember those who have bravely served our country, who have fallen in the line of duty, who have risked everything so we could maintain our freedoms.

Thank you to our service men and women. Without you, there would be no Memorial Day to celebrate.


Things That Made Me Go, “Hmm…” – Week 29

Alright, kiddos. I’m not going to lie. This week’s post is pretty desperate. There was a lot of scrounging that took place this morning. That is not to say that there’s nothing interesting worth mentioning, it’s just that it was a relatively slow week for things that made me excited, enraged or produced feelings of one kind or another. SOOOO… without further delay… here’s the list of things that made me go “Hmm…” this week.

Photo credit Pete Souza / White House.

Photo credit Pete Souza / White House.

Photo Credit Gerald Herbert / Associated Press

Photo Credit Gerald Herbert / Associated Press

  • This:


Just because.

  • For all my teacher peeps, I recently stumbled across some brilliant classroom ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers, including this set of memes for classroom rules. They are hilarious, and I totally plan on using them in my classroom. Including the following:


Because it cracks me up, every, single, time.

Alright, peepsters. That’s all I gots this week. Over n’ out, good buddies. Catch you on the flip side. Or… something to that effect.

And so it begins…

I’m only a few days into my summer retail job, and already the customers are starting to get to me. It’s not that I don’t love the customers, it’s just that some days… they’re just… well… annoying.

There were the two women looking at some wooden toys asking if they were made “here”… as in, the teeny, tiny mid-western town in which I currently reside. I said, “No…” and then pointed out the giant sticker that read “MADE IN RUSSIA”. Really?

There were the couple of guys who wandered in, oohing and ahhing over our product selection, complimenting our buyer for having a great eye for things. Only, everything they said came out in shouts. As if they had zero control over the volume of their voices. “WOW! YOU GUYS SURE HAVE A GREAT SELECTION.” “HEY RICK! CHECK OUT THIS MISSION FURNITURE THEY HAVE.” “WHERE’S A GOOD PLACE TO EAT AROUND HERE?” Really?

There was the guy who came in looking for an anniversary gift for his wife, who wanted it gift-wrapped. No big deal, but I’m still trying to figure out why he thought his wife would appreciate the camouflage/elk wrapping paper. “Oh, that’s perfect,” he said. “Beautiful.” Really? Happy anniversary, hun…

It’s not even that these customers weren’t perfectly wonderful and perfectly patient and perfectly… perfect. It’s just that… I’ve been out of the retail world for a while and so everything they say and do inadvertently annoys me. Which is harrible. Because these people weren’t even annoying. They were genuinely top drawer customers. Clearly, I am the problem here. Clearly, I have some work to do if I’m going to get through 3 months of working with these wonderful people.

And so it begins…


A Couple of Things

  • I added a few new blogs to my list of “Blogs I Heart“. You should go check them out. They’re positively a-MAH-zing. Seriously. And while your at it, check out the entire list. There are a lot of hidden gems hanging out there. You’re welcome, blogosphere.
  • There’s another one of my articles waiting to be read over at Channillo. This one’s about hypochondriacs, and if you’ve ever had a hypochondriac in your life, you will want to read it because it’s ridiculously true.
  • I also added a couple new pages to the blog, so if you haven’t had the chance to check those out yet, please do so, and then let me know what you think, because there’s nothing I love more than feedback. (That sounded unintentionally sarcastic. But I totally wasn’t being sarcastic. I was being genuine. I love feedback. Feed me back, peeps.)
  • Also, if you haven’t yet, you should totally subscribe to this here blog thingy. Why? Because when you do, you’ll get e-mails containing any new blog posts that show up right there in your inbox, and you can read them right then and there, and the whole thing is really pretty slick, and why would Annie ever lead you astray when it comes to something this important? Well, she wouldn’t. So, go do it. Plus, once you do, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win your very own unicorn. (Which actually, isn’t true at all because unicorns don’t exist, but hey, if it gets you to subscribe, I’ll promise you just about anything. Even unicorns. So, if you buy the whole “unicorn” thing, then it’s really your own fault for being so silly, right? Right.)
  • DUDES! Any ideas for my “Hmm” post this week? I only have one idea so far, and although it is downright HILARIOUS, I really can’t justify an entire “Hmm” post based on one silly little hilarious thing. SO, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know, so I can link back to yo,u and share the love, and make you rich and famous just by mentioning you and your blog’s name. (There I go again, promising things I can’t deliver. You have to stop believing everything I say. First unicorns, now this? Really, dude?)
  • And lastly, here’s Jon Hamm nodding in agreement, because he approves this message:

See? Told ya.

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