Oh, Awkward Day

Oh my GAWD, Blogosphere. Simmer down. I’m gone for a couple of days and you inexplicably explode, leaving me with looming fears that I will never catch up on my reading and miss out on some of the funniest and most worthwhile posts ever.


In other news, it turns out that one of the kindergarteners is the son of my high school civics teacher. My adorable high school civics teacher. The high school civics teacher every girl had a crush on because he was so adorable. The adorable high school civics teacher that I formerly avoided like the plague out of fear of being all…

You know… all awkward like? (Like I am around every man to walk the face of the earth?) The adorable high school civics teacher who is still adorable and came into the classroom today to talk to his son. The adorable high school civics teacher that I acted perfectly normal around and friendly to without falling apart. (I’d call that progress, peeps.)

In still other news… whoever came up with the idea of showing a TWO HOUR MOVIE as a reward to the students for good behavior RIGHT BEFORE EASTER BREAK needs to be taken out back and… dealt with harshly. Especially when that person was like, “Yeah! And we’ll do it for the WHOLE SCHOOL! Even the KINDERGARTENERS! It. Will. Be. AWESOME!”

Do you know what it’s like when kindergartners try to sit in an auditorium, in seats that are 5 times too big for them, and try to be still and quiet for 2 HOURS?!

Just to give you an idea…

Oh, it’s all fun and games until the 20 minute mark when EVERYONE STARTS TO FALL APART.



ANYhoodles… that was my day. How was yours?

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