A couple of quick, itty-bitty updates.

1. The “literal” debacle of 2015 has “literally” been solved. (Check the comments for the correct answer.) Although… and I’m just spit-balling here… you UK lurkers could have helped a girl out… I’m just saying…

2. Some of you more observant ones may have noticed that I started a new blog today (not to replace this one, but to serve in conjunction with it. Calm down. Nobody panic. I’m not leaving.). And then, just as soon as it graced you with its presence, it disappeared. *Poof!* Just like that. Gone. Annie giveth and Annie taketh away. The reason for this is two-fold:

  • What I wanted to do with the site was not coming to fruition, and I kind of hit the “publish” button sooner than I would have liked. The perfectionist in me would not allow this to stand.
  • It was too difficult to manage two sites under the same WordPress account, and it was causing all kinds of confusion and complications. Therefore, I deleted it so that I could start fresh and publish when I’m fully ready.

If you were one of the observant individuals to have “liked” and/or commented on the new blog (for the full hour that it was in existence), thank you. Sorry I could not preserve your comments and/or likes. Once I have the new site up and running I will let everyone know.

3. And finally, I also updated my blog roll… somewhat. I believe there are a few additional blogs I am following that do not pop-up in my feed, so I will add those to the list as soon as I get up the gumption to check my e-mail and copy names and web addresses down. In the meantime, check out these new awesome additions.

That’s it, peeps. Catch you on the flip side.


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