Things That Made Me Go, “Hmm…” – Week 19

(Insert hilarious, insightful and pithy introduction here.)

  • I know I asked you all on Twitter to PLEASE stop talking about Hillary because… well… what more is there to say about her e-mail? Are we discussing anything new or just re-hashing the same criticisms over and over and over and over and… Seriously. MAKE IT STOP. But just because I asked YOU all to stop talking about it, doesn’t mean that I should. Especially when SNL makes hilarious skits about it like the following:

The claw hand wave? The laugh? The following: “There will be no mistakes on my rise to the top! …If I decide to run! Who knows?!”  Oh, the Hilarity. (See what I did there?) Kate McKinnon is brilliant. God bless ya, Hillary.

  • This little tidbit from Greg Gutfeld on “Benevolent Sexism”.

(I know, I couldn’t get the video posted on here, but click the link, because it is fantastic.) First of all, how awesome is Greg Gutfeld? I love how he calls bullshit on all political correctness. And secondly, I’m supposed to be offended because a man behaves like a gentleman towards me? And men are supposed to feel guilty for behaving like gentlemen? SERIOUSLY?! I kind of want to punch the feminist who came up with this theory right in the face. There’s feminism, and then there’s just plain stupidity. OH MY GAWD… I can’t even see straight.

*Deep Breath*

Moving on…

  • This Brutally Honest “Cinderella” Trailer…”Where girls are taught that their problems will disappear if they’re hot enough to land a rich husband.” Bwahahahahahaha!  (I’m nothing if not a paradox wrapped in a contradiction…)
  • This tweet from Jamie Otis from “Married at First Sight”:

Because… divorce makes you re-think some things.

  • And lastly, this new “Boyfriend Shirt” trend. First, we had boyfriend jeans and now we have boyfriend shirts? Um… if there was a box of kittens at the end of a rainbow in a flowery meadow filled with dancing butterflies and frolicking unicorns… I would still love this trend more than that. That’s how much I love it.

boyfriend shirts

Whew! Okay… that was one big ol’ messy conglomeration of random crap, huh? (I know that’s redundant. I don’t care.) I aim to please. And you’re welcome… (You people are so ungrateful.)

That’s all I have this week. Over n’ out, good buddies.

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