Dudes… Be cool.


Just between you and me…

(And… okay… the entire blogosphere…)

I just found out someone famous was following me on Twitter.

Dudes! Be cool!

Just… be cool.

The thing is…

I DIDN’T follow them first…


It’s the real person. Not the fake, “Twitter personality who isn’t the real person” person.



Yes, I AM this nerdy to get excited about something this stupid.

And NO, I’m not popular enough to be liked by a famous person so don’t all, “Oh, sweetie… That’s so cute. I’ve had famous people following ME for quite some time. This is your first? Oh, gracious… How adorable are YOU?!” me.

Maybe if we don’t make any sudden movements, they’ll hang around for a while. You know… like deer.

Just act natural. And breezy.

Oh, and…

Gif Sources: www.reddit.com, gifake.net

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