The Daydreamer Award


Okay, so apparently, I was nominated for another award, which I am thrilled by. Seriously. Plus, I like passing the love onto other bloggers, so let’s do this.

I was nominated by Lisa over at Real Mom of Long Island for the Daydreamer Award which is pretty fantastic because I am nothing if not a pretty decent daydreamer. (And by pretty decent I mean relatively decent… not pretty and decent… although, I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t true… Oh, calm down, peeps. I’m just kidding. I’m not really that full of myself… or AM I? Guess we’ll never know. There goes that whole “decent” idea. Amiright???).

I’m sorry… what were we talking about?

Oh, yessss… Daydreamer Award. Awesome. Fantastic. Incredible. AH-mazing. So, thank you, Lisa. You’re pretty dang AH-mazing yourself.

My challenge was to describe my absolute dream job. (What is meant by “absolute” dream job, by the way? Is it like the best of the best dream jobs? Do people normally have more than one dream job? I always thought a dream job was like… one thing. Maybe people have more than one. What do I know? Apparently, I am a one dream job kind of girl…)

ANYhoodles… Dream job. Yes. (Focus, Annie. Clearly you need to put the coffee mug down, woman.) It would literally be doing some type of charity work – helping, serving, raising awareness and funds for causes I hold near and dear to my heart. Helping people in war-torn, developing countries. Getting food, clean water, medical supplies, building shelters and schools for people that need it the most. Promoting educational causes, working with and inspiring kids, and speaking out against injustices. And then? Writing about it, speaking about it, and getting other people to care about it. Also? Doing a lot of traveling in the process. Honestly, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than when I’m able to help someone else and bring a smile to their face. That is the most rewarding thing for me. Of course, in order to accomplish any of these things, I would need to be independently wealthy, so I better get cracking on that writing career. *sigh* Always another hoop to jump through, you know?

I propose the same challenge: Describe your dream job.

I am nominating:

Mama’s Musings

Rookie Notes

This is 30?

The Stay At Home Philosopher

Single Family Asylum

If you want to participate, feel free to jump in!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Complete the challenge they set you.

3. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. (The amount of blogs you select is unlimited!)

4. Tell them about it and set them a challenge.

(Please include the rules in yourΒ post).

On your marks… Get set…

I’m sorry, what? I got distracted again…


13 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Award

  1. the stay at home philosopher says:

    I’m not sure if they have good coffee in war-torn countries…so I just wanted to give you a heads up on that issue.
    Anyhoo, Thank you so much for the award! I had no idea what it was until just now. I looked at the link several times and wondered. I finally made some progress on it today. Not sure if I can follow any of the other rules…I don’t know how to work my own site. But Thank you…again! And then 2 more times for a total of 4 rules. It’s actually just 1 rule followed 4 times but I think THANK YOU’S are awesome and I hope you do too! Oh what the heck…Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blunderdad says:

    Thank you for the uhhh . . , what was it again? Oh yes, the daydreamer award!!!!!!!! I somehow got nominated for that one twice in the same day. Perhaps you are all very keen on spotting my daydreaminess (airheadedness). I will get to work on the nomination tasks. This may take a while because it involves doing those fancy links that look like words other than the link that they truly are.
    Thank you !!!’

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mamalisa4 says:

    Okay, first of off, its okay – you are faboulous! Second – I didn’t create the question with “absolute” I just passed it along. I only have one dream job too. Is that grammatically correct? I wouldn’t know, I’m the worst. However, I know you are a stickler like some of my other friends who NEVER let me off the hook. You people and your grammar rules.

    Thirdly, you are such a better person than me!!! Honestly!! I said a bunch of self absorbed crap about decorating my home office and you are out there doing charity work. I feel like I gave the wrong answer at the beauty pageant. Sigh. Your dream is inspiring and a reminder that I need to be a better person. I literally dreamed of shipping my kids off to school and writing in a lavish setting, all the while people are starving out there. Needless to say I loved your answer and you truly are fabulous, its okay to admit it when its the truth! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • annieemmy says:

      Bwahahaha! Yep, I’m pretty much better than EVERYONE… and everyone else is a selfish, horrid human. Ha! No, really, I’m not that good. I just genuinely “like” doing that kind of stuff. Let’s face it… it’s a little weird. And the whole “absolute” thing, I didn’t think it came from you. You’re a FABULOUS writer. Sometimes I just hone in on unnecessary words (right, like I don’t use them ALL THE FLIPPIN’ TIME?!?!) and can’t let them go. It’s okay. We’re all okay. Let’s join hands and sing Kumbaya… or something.

      Liked by 1 person

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