When wellies are the answer.

30 minutes ago, while I was attempting to catch up on my reading, and debating what to have for dinner tonight or if I should just skip it altogether, the following word popped into my head.


And I was like, “What, brain? What are you talking about now? Wellies? That’s not even a thing. Shut up, brain. I’m trying to read.”

Five minutes later, there it was again.


This time I was a little less combative and a little more diplomatic. “Fine, brain. Wellies. Great. It’s a fun word. And yes, a type of footwear. Awesome. Fantastic. Moving on.

And then I sat up all straight and proper like.

“WELLIES? Like, as in Wellingtons? Like, as in the thing the Australians were harassing Finella Cholmondely-Smythe for wearing? (Which isn’t even a real thing… or person. As in, it doesn’t exist.) Like… RUBBER BOOTS?”

And then my whole body started tingling.

And my brain started yelling.

“WELLIES! Annie, do you know how long you have wanted a pair of these? Do you remember how you put it off because, it wasn’t that muddy and they weren’t that necessary? Have you SEEN the adorable patterns they now come in? ANNIE! Were you NOT just wondering how to enjoy this ridiculously warmish, melty, muddy weather without having to put your clod-hopper winter boots on?! ANNIE. Are you listening? WELLIES. WELLIES ARE THE ANSWER! Amazon Prime. NOW. They’ll be here by Thursday. GO.”

Oh, I am on it, brain. I’m on it like marmalade on toast. (Which is totally weird because I hate marmalade.)

I don’t know why I’m so thrilled about this. Nor do I know why I felt the need to share it with you all. I also don’t understand why my brain functions the way it does. But I LIKE it. I’m totally ordering the best bad-ass pair of wellies I can find. Watch me.


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