Here is a random picture of Jon Hamm looking hot... for absolutely no reason what-so-ever. You're welcome. (Jon Hamm photographed at Barclay Hotel, Los Angeles. Prada. PRADA.COM)

Blog updates you should be aware of if you care at all about the future of humanity…

Okay, so maybe that’s overstating it a bit, but if you’re reading this post, I’m pretty sure it did the trick. Also? If Jon Hamm cares enough about these things to make an appearance on my blog and stare at you sternly, pretty sure it’s something you should care about as well. But maybe that’s just me.

So, a couple of things you should be aware of…

  1. I finally updated my blog list. Newest blogs are listed at the top. I think there are a dozen or so new ones, so if you haven’t had a chance to check those out yet, be sure to do so. They’re all pretty awesome.
  2. I will try to mix up my blog list from time to time so the ones I have been following the longest aren’t always listed at the bottom… because hey… they need love too.
  3. The Secret Life of Boys – Part 3 is currently in progress. So, if you read parts 1 and 2, and then were wondering where part 3 was… it’s still in my head. Hopefully, you weren’t all like, “What? That’s it? Well, THANKS A LOT, ANNIE. That was a big ol’ waste of my time! DIDJA HAVE A POINT?! PRETTY SURE YOU DIDN’T… YOU SILLY, SILLY WOMAN.” And quite honestly, if that’s what you were thinking, then, “BACK OFF, BUD. QUALITY WRITING TAKES TIME.” Also? Just because of your little outburst, I’m planning on withholding the next installment an extra day. See how your badgering made everyone else suffer? Not cool, bro… NOT. COOL.
  4. In case you didn’t notice, or you’re too self-absorbed to actually care… My blog has a new look. If you haven’t shared your thoughts on this… please do so here. Otherwise, I plan on withholding all love and affection from you for the near future.
  5. Lastly… I heart comments. So, if you’ve been lurking in the background wondering whether or not you should post a comment… DO IT. I love new readers and I love connecting with them. I won’t even correct your grammar. I plomise. (See what I did there?)

Alrighty, bloggity peeps. More random crap later… stay tuned.


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