Things That Made Me Go, “Hmm…” – Week 17

This week’s post will be both fun and educational! (Who said learning can’t be fun? Clearly, that person is/was a dumbass…)

Dear February 2015…

First you give me Harper Lee, then you give me Dr. Seuss, now you give me this? Oh, February 2015… how I heart you.

Love n’ Kisses,


  • Owls. First of all, if you don’t love owls with all your freakin’ heart, then I’m sorry, but we cannot be friends. Secondly, how absurdly hysterical are these dumb owl pictures? Why do these crack me up? I mean, aside from the soulless, black eyes, they’re pretty fantastic.
  • The word “got”. Is there any one word more useless in the English language? I think not. At what point is the word “got” ever necessary when speaking or writing? “I got milk at the grocery store.”? OR “I purchased/bought/acquired milk at the grocery store.”? Also, “You have got to see this.” Really? I have got to see that? How about, “You have to see this.”? What about, “I got first place in the 100 yard dash.”? Nope. “I won/received/earned first place in the 100 yard dash” See? Totally pointless word. I ban it henceforth.
  • The following tidbit about the United Kingdom:

Um… who knew?! I seriously had no idea that Scotland was located right above England. And I’m Scottish. I thought that whole big slab was just… Britain/England to be used interchangeably. Clearly, I was wrong. Clearly, my 8th grade Geography class had very little impact on me. (Sorry, Mr. McDougal…)

  • And lastly… this:

Because it is my life. Especially the “cancelled plans” and “staying in” thing.

Alrighty, that’s all I gots (Ha-ha! See what I did there? It sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Thus, my point is proven.) this week, peeps. Over n’ out, good buddies.

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