Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Blogging Peeps!

I need your help on something.

I’ve been thinking about my weekly “Things That Made Me Go ‘Hmm…'” blurb and discovered that, oftentimes, when left to my own devices, I don’t always have the time or energy to find things worthy of the post every week. A lot of times, I end up compiling a very sad-looking list at the last minute after scrounging around for scraps from YouTube or BuzzFeed.

SO, my idea is this: If you guys happen to come across some really funny,  really interesting, or really thought-provoking pieces/videos/articles/blog posts/memes while surfing the web, and those things make you think, “That is TOTALLY something that should be on Annie’s list this week…” (because I know not a minute goes by where you guys aren’t thinking about me…) send it to me! Send me a note on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or simply leave a comment right on my blog and tell me all about it. If I find it as funny, interesting or thought-provoking as you do, I will use it and give you accolades of credit for finding it, and a big ol’ shout out to your blog. If I don’t use it… I’ll still give you a shout out for thinking of me. Not sure if it would meet my super high standards? (*snicker*) Send it to me anyway. As long as it has nothing to do with poetry, sex or something wildly inappropriate, chances are I’ll use it. (Sorry, poets. Just… *yawn*.) And if you need ideas of what makes me go “Hmm…” just look at my past posts.

Anyway… no pressure, but if you see something awesome, let me know. If not… I’ll just hate you forever and tell everyone you smell harribly… so there’s always that to worry about.

Over n’ out, peeps.


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