The Real Reasons Why We’re Using LinkedIn

Read this. It’s hilarious… and totally the only reasons why ANY of us are on LinkedIn.

Sass & Balderdash

Over the past few months, I’ve been dusting off my LinkedIn profile, adding some fancy bullshit to it, and making connections. Back in college, I thought LinkedIn was kind of like Facebook for pretentious people with full-time jobs (I wasn’t that far off), but now that I’ve been out in the work force for a while and I’m trying to establish some credibility as a legitimate young professional–which is a significant shift from my current reputation as the ponytailed office urchin who has a lot of just “good” weekends—I’ve found that it’s networking can be a really useful tool.

The more people you know in your chosen field, the more aware you’ll be of opportunities that you may have otherwise missed if your only LinkedIn connections are your manager from your high school job at Sbarro Pizza and the more successful sibling your parents quietly love more than you. Beyond potential…

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