So, about those taxes…

Okay, okay, okay. I know I should be finishing my taxes instead of posting on here. But, in my defense, I woke up and there were all these fantastic headlines and stories that would be shameful not to comment on. And if I don’t comment on them, I won’t be getting a lick of tax work done anyway because I’ll be too busy obsessing about them since I didn’t get a chance to comment on them earlier. So, really… it’s for my own good. Plus, I have the head cold from hell, so who I might as well have some fun before I DIE.

*sigh*  Life is hard.

Anyway… so about those stories…

  • Um… This Kid Theater with Michael Keaton and Jimmy Fallon is FANTASTIC. If you need a good laugh today, watch this. It’s totally worth it. “No. Your name is Thomas.” Hysterical!
  • This kind of garbage makes me insane. As in, do not show these kinds of things to me unless you want me ranting about them non-stop for the rest of the day. I mean… seriously? Looks like Anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe! I hope we’re all okay with that…
  • Lastly, whenever Marie Harf opens her mouth about anything, I do this:

I mean, you gotta think even Obama is like, “Really, Marie?” Seriously. How is she the state department spokesperson? He may want to revisit that decision. I’m just thinking out loud here…

Whew! Okay! Got that off my chest… Thanks. I’m going to go finish my taxes now…

Or not. Whatevs.


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