Things That Made Me Go, “Hmm…” – Week 15

  • This just in: Cats are still harrible, harrible jerks. (Yes, harrible, with an “a”…. because it’s so much more fun to say.) Even to the great service men and women who risk their lives to protect our lives and our freedoms. Shameful little bastards…
  • This video that proves President Obama is just like us. Except that he isn’t. Because he’s the leader of the free world. Although I’m fairly certain he’d much prefer to be George Clooney… or Jon Stewart… or anyone with any smidgen of notoriety who doesn’t have an entire nation to lead. The whole thing is just… embarrassing. ISIS who? We crazy Americans are just over here making funny videos! Haha! Look how good-natured and hip we are! Can you imagine Netanyahu or Putin doing one of these? *sigh*
  • This video of civilians trying military food for the first time. I mean… what the…  First, our cats treat them like crap, and then we have the audacity to feed them cardboard meat?! What the what? How is that fair? To all the American service men and women who bravely protect our shores… I’m sorry you keep getting the shaft. Not cool, man. Not cool.


  • And this fun little snapshot that just goes to show that when you don’t use proper punctuation, no one can or ever will, understand you.

5bb231f07ea372fcd0372c1561e14b1fThat’s all I gots, peeps. If I’m being honest, this is the laziest “Hmm…” post I’ve done yet. You’re welcome. It was still pretty awesome, right?


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