The 100th Day of School Conspiracy

I don’t want to point any fingers, but I’m fairly certain that the “100th Day of School” celebration is really just an artfully disguised torture device for teachers cooked up by publishing companies to sell additional materials.

I mean… who really benefits from celebrating the 100th Day of School?

Teachers? Oh, heck no. As if teachers don’t have enough on their plates, now they have to come up with different ways teach, promote, celebrate and acknowledge the number 100? Pretty sure they’d be perfectly happy going without this celebration that comes right on the heels of Valentine’s Day in the dead of winter.

Students don’t benefit from it. I mean, sure… it’s sort of fun, but kids don’t know if it’s the 100th or 500th day of school… and they really don’t care. As long as they don’t miss Show & Tell and snack time, it’s all good.

I’m sure school administrators don’t give a flying fig about the 100th Day of School… as long as they reach the 100th Day of School… because if not, heads will roll and people will be fired and school will end in August. Good luck with that, Boston.

So, clearly, the publishing companies put their heads together in an effort to make even more money off schools and teachers and thought, “Hey! Let’s just make up a day for them to celebrate…” much like Hallmark did with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Those sneaky bastards. Making everyone’s life a little more difficult one pointless school celebration at a time.

I’m not saying it’s not fun and enjoyable and an excellent excuse to make extra art projects and wear funny hats and eat special snacks, but…



4 thoughts on “The 100th Day of School Conspiracy

  1. Divorce With Me says:

    So funny that you post this because I was wondering where the hell this new celebration came from?! This year both of my kids’ schools celebrated it and I was so surprised, lol! It was fun and cute but certainly a strange new fad!

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