Thanks for Caring

I think I may have run out of things to write about.

I mean, unless you want to hear about my trip to the post office and the grocery store (Ooh… exciting!), my application for medical assistance (yes, because I am that poor… did you not get the memo that I substitute teach for a “living”?), or the fact that Winston is so depressed he can’t even get excited about catnip anymore (really?)… there’s not much to say.

And yet… I feel compelled to say somethinganything just to say I posted today.

But then that puts you, the reader, into a precarious situation, because quite frankly, you don’t care.

Am I right? You know I’m right, because you’re not caring right now.

And yet, you do care, because you took the time to read through this incredibly pointless post.

Thanks for caring, friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to waste their time on my stupidity. You’re the best.


7 thoughts on “Thanks for Caring

  1. Jana says:

    If you feel the need to write, then write for yourself – don’t worry if others might be bored or confused or thrilled with what you post. And don’t post because you feel you “ought” to write everyday – post when you want, what you want, and how often you want. I’ve found that my blog is mostly for myself. If others are entertained or touched, then that is just a bonus.

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  2. mamalisa4 says:

    Nothing new here either, I hit up BJ’s and then the grocery store today. I stood in ridiculously long lines and bought a sickening about of food hoping it will last a least a week and a half. (we are on a biweekly schedule 😦 ) Anyway, I care because unlike all of those Facebook post of people pretending to have an exciting life – this post is exactly the day to day that we all live through. Its not always exciting – its the dead of the winter in NY and we are all just home, bundled up and eating, eating, eating & eating!!!!!!! Happy Saturday!! For running boring errands and living a normal day to day life!! Thanks for keeping it real!!! 🙂

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