Going off the grid.

Off the grid: Not being connected to a grid. Autonomous. Not relying on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, communication systems or similar utility services.

Basically something I could never do. Ever. And by never-ever, I mean, it’s not gonna happen. There’s not even a remote possibility of me surviving such a thing. Just… no.

I can’t even handle camping. It took me nearly 30 years to go on my first camping trip. It was just overnight. I hated every single second of it. No running water? No electricity? No flushing toilet? Um… how am I supposed to wash my hands, bathe, do my hair, keep myself entertained and prevent my body from going into septic shock? Also, how is this fun? How is this a “vacation”? Am I missing something?


We invented houses, indoor plumbing, running water and electricity for a reason. How is not having those luxuries a “vacation”? Clearly, someone doesn’t know the meaning of that word.


Anyway… what was I saying? Oh, yes. Camping. If I couldn’t handle camping for less than 24 hours, I sure as heck could never handle going “off the grid”. I’m way too high maintenance for that kind of lifestyle. And yet, apparently it’s gaining in popularity. Apparently, it’s becoming a “thing”.  Darryl Hannah does it. So does Ed Begley Jr.

And so, when I stumbled across this blog about living off the grid, I was fascinated. She does everything herself. Gets water. Gathers wood. Chops the wood. Grows food. Cans the food. Feeds the fire. Feeds the cookstove. (Did you know that if you bake using a wood burning cookstove, you have to keep feeding the fire with wood of a certain size and type to keep the temperature steady? Whaaa? I can’t even remember to turn off the stove when I’m done using it. My ridiculously short attention span could decidedly not handle the constant feeding of a stove.) I mean… it’s genuinely amazing. How does she do it? And also, does it make me look ridiculously lazy, irresponsible, and high maintenance to not even be able to fathom living like this for even an hour? It totally does, doesn’t it? *sigh*

Heck, I’m too afraid to use the bathroom at night because the toilet seat might be chilly. So… using an outhouse would be like… the death of me. And the thought of not being able to use a blow dryer every single morning? Oh the horror! So, seeing people choosing to live like this is fascinating… and I genuinely admire them, because I certainly could never do it. (Also, I’m basically screwed when the world markets crash, the food shortage begins and the Apocalypse kicks into high gear. Fingers crossed that an “Off the Gridder” will take me in.)

So, here’s the question I pose: How many of you could handle living off the grid? And how far off the grid could you handle?

4 thoughts on “Going off the grid.

  1. Jana says:

    My secret wish is to have a compound up in the mountains. Since I wouldn’t want to be on the grid, but refuse to give up modern conveniences, it would have a septic system, solar power, wind power, and goats – lots and lots of goats (and some chickens to boot). However, I share your views on camping – the only time I would go is if I could drive right up to the camping spot in my luxury RV.

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  2. annieemmy says:

    I totally agree that some simplification and disconnection are necessary from time to time. I just don’t know to what extent and what length of time I could handle said simplification and disconnection. You know?


  3. mamalinda1905 says:

    Because I am WAY WAY old, I remember life “before,” when there all phones were on party lines and my grandmother had an outhouse. Milk came right from the cow and eggs had to be stolen from underneath mean old biddies who were likely to take a run at your face. I know how to do the simple living stuff, but have zero desire to get off the grid. I like the old ways, but just think we need balance.

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