Questions I Ask Myself When I See a Fully Grown Adult Male Walking a Little Yippy Dog

  • Is that his dog?
  • Is it his wife’s/girlfriend’s/fiance’s/lady companion’s dog?
  • Is it his mom’s dog and he’s just a really good son?
  • Is it his neighbor lady’s dog and he’s just a really good neighbor?
  • If it is his dog… why?
  • Do fully grown, adult males like and/or appreciate little yippy dogs?
  • If it is his dog, did he purchase it himself or was it given as a gift?
  • Was the dog part of the divorce settlement?
  • If he did purchase the dog himself, was the shelter and/or pet store fresh out of labs, retrievers and shepherd mixes, and he was compelled to purchase a dog right then and there?
  • Did he go to the shelter and/or pet store specifically to purchase a little yippy dog? And if so, why did he not gravitate towards the terriers rather than the Shih Tzus?
  • What is it about little yippy dog breeds that he finds so irresistible? Is there a back story? Did his ex love little yippy dog breeds and in an attempt to maintain some ties to her he only purchases little yippy dogs now? Was the family pet a little yippy dog breed and his constant companion as a young boy?
  • Why am I making up back stories about a random man I just passed on the street? Is this fully grown adult male not allowed to have an appreciation and fondness for little yippy dog breeds? If not, why?
  • Does he feel judged when he walks his little yippy dog breed? Does he feel less masculine around the little yippy dog breed?
  • Why is he walking the dog under the cover of darkness? Is he embarrassed? What is he trying to hide?
  • Why can’t society leave him and his appreciation for little yippy dog breeds alone?
  • What does he think of cats… specifically Maine Coons?

4 thoughts on “Questions I Ask Myself When I See a Fully Grown Adult Male Walking a Little Yippy Dog

  1. vickiewhat says:

    Lmao. Great post. I have a 90lb Catahoula Leopard dog and a 25lb Aussie Shepard. I also had the most spectacular 30lb Maine coon cat growing up. I love them all, big and small, but it’s true, big man+yipper dog=? Perhaps it takes a very manly man to be the Daddy of a Yorkie in a tutu.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annieemmy says:

      Right? It is SO WEIRD. I don’t care who you are… seeing that just makes your brain scream “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.” It doesn’t fit… therefore, my brain cannot process it.

      Liked by 1 person

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