I swear, kids… I will drop-kick you.

If you little buggars got me sick… there are no two ways about it… I will drop-kick you.

By the time lunchtime rolled around today, I could feel the mucus draining, running down my throat, causing this horrible scratchy sensation back there that no amount of cold coffee could fix.

So, I came home and took some extra Vitamin C. And some cough drops. For dinner, I will be having an orange and some orange juice. I have made it this far without getting sick… I will not be taken down by one stinkin’ class. No way. No how. Not gonna happen.

I’m always extra careful too. Since I don’t always have time to wash my hands throughout the morning, I am always on high alert about not touching my face – definitely not my eyes and not my mouth. I do not touch any food without thoroughly washing my hands first. I took all the necessary precautions. I’m going to be fine. This is just my body playing tricks on me. I have another class tomorrow. I will be taking quintuple the recommended dose of Vitamin C. I will stay hydrated. I will get rest. After one day, I will not have some sort of idiotic cold take me out.

I. Am. Ready.


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