Straight Up Apathy

I really, genuinely hate how apathetic we are about world events.

If it doesn’t affect our pocket book or our daily routine, we just don’t care. What does it matter? Our perfect little lives contained in our perfect little bubbles are still picture perfect, so we go about our daily lives and shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and make empty comments like, “What a shame…”. Because does it really matter? It doesn’t affect us directly. Let’s move on. Hey, have you heard about the new season of “Downton Abbey”?

No. Just… no. Because it does matter and it does affect us. 12 people lost their lives in France because they dared to practice free speech. They drew a few pictures, pushed a few envelopes, offended a few people… and now they’re dead because of it. How does that not affect us? Do we not practice free speech every time we hit that “publish” button? Do we not voice our opinions and thoughts, and exchange ideas and beliefs on a daily basis? And yet, we don’t care when others are murdered for doing the exact same thing?

That’s just straight up apathy, people.

Maybe it’s because our right to free speech is so taken for granted. It’s something we’ve always done. It’s not some new, trendy movement that everyone is Pinning about. It is what it is. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that the right to speak your mind and voice your beliefs should not be taken for granted. It’s an amazing privilege not everyone has and it’s being threatened by people who don’t believe you have a right to speak your mind and voice your beliefs. And should you be brazen enough to speak your mind and voice your beliefs… let’s hope you’re not murdered for it.

What happened in France is happening all over the world. It’s not okay. Our rights are being threatened. But from the looks of it, we’re perfectly okay with that.

Cartoon by Jean Jullien

Cartoon by Jean Jullien


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