We got about 5 to 6 inches of snow between yesterday and today, and it’s still snowing.

This is good, especially since we live in an area where 6 months of winter is pretty typical, and we need snow to keep the economy going. Without snowmobiling, skiing, mushing, and ice fishing, the town would pretty much die. So, the snow has been very much needed.

Needless to say, when I awoke this morning and found the additional 5 to 6 inches I was thrilled, because an additional 5 to 6 inches meant…


Shoveling is one of my favorite winter activities. And no, I’m not kidding. I genuinely love it.

When new home owners moan and groan about a fresh snowfall and the necessity of shoveling the walk and the driveway, I feel confused and lost. Because I don’t understand. Shoveling the walk and the driveway sounds like a grand old time. Heck, if they want, I’ll come over and do it for them. Who doesn’t love to shovel?!

My mother finds this quirk of mine completely bewildering. She kept trying to talk me out of shoveling; kept telling me that the neighbor would snowblow for us once he got home from work. I scoffed. “Snowblow? Who needs to snowblow? I’ll just shovel.”

Still, she continued to try to talk me out of it… telling me that the minute I got sick of it to come in… telling me to only do the front walk…. telling me to only do the steps… telling me I didn’t need to go out at all.

Oh, I went out alright. The snow was light and fluffy and DEEP. And I was left alone with my thoughts and the quiet sounds of a small town buried deep in white.

I loved it. I shoveled the path to the garage and the driveway. I shoveled the front stoop. I shoveled the front walk. I shoveled a path from the street to the house. I shoveled my little heart out.

Before my dad died, whenever I happened to be home during a heavy snowfall, I’d offer to help him shovel. He looked just as bewildered as my mom at the proposition. I’d occasionally shovel the whole driveway (This was before the neighbor got a snowplow and offered to plow us out every winter.) and I relished every minute of it. There’s something inexplicably fun for me in shoveling. Maybe it’s clearing away the mess and creating a walkable pathway. Maybe it’s the solitary nature of the activity. Maybe it’s the challenge in using my strength to plow through a snowy blockade. Whatever it is, I find it endlessly satisfying. Even fun.

Am I alone in this love of shoveling? Certainly there must be more people out there like me… Or am I just that weird?

Whatever. Don’t judge. Fingers crossed we’ll get a few extra inches before nightfall and I’ll get to go out again.



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