BAM! There goes your mirror.

Did I tell you guys that I took my passenger side mirror off?

Yeah. I did that. Just backing out of the garage. Because I am that awesome. Clearly, my spacial perception is not what I make it out to be. You get distracted for one second and BAM! There goes your mirror.


It would be funny if this wasn’t the second time this has happened. (I swear I’m a really good driver. It’s just that spacial perception thingy. This is why I don’t parallel park.) The first time I had a boyfriend who was able to fix it no problem. This time I have no such thing, and so I have to bring it in to a body shop to get fixed. Although, the good news is, it’ll only cost me about $120. I was thinking more like $250, so I’m not going to argue.

Still, backing up should not be this hard.


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