Well, screw that.

Remember when I was all like, “Hey! I’m going to reorganize my Pinterest boards today because they’re all mumbo-jumboed!”? Remember that?

I had all these big plan to take apart my “Education” board and separate it into smaller, more distinct categories like, “Language Arts”, “Classroom Management” and “Morning Meeting”. (How is it that I’ve managed to convince myself that playing around with hypothetical, non-existent “boards” on a social media site is as productive and labor-intensive as working in my very own brick and mortar classroom? Curse you, Pinterest…) Yeah, well… screw that idea. Five minutes into my “project” I realize I’ve “pinned” enough items to keep a 30 year teaching veteran busy for another 50 years. It’s so not worth it. Too many pins. Too little time.

How did this become my life?

Whatcha Thinkin'?

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