Things That Made Me Go Hmmm… Week 5

You’ll have to excuse the delay in posting this. I just awoke from a 2 and a half hour hibernation nap. Hibernation naps are far superior to their relatives the cat nap. They’re cozier, comfier, warmer, and ideal remedies for cold days where nothing seems to be happening. They do, however, leave one with a sensation of grogginess and delayed reflexes. Still, they’re pretty awesome.

And now, without further adieu… Things that Made Me Go “Hmmm”… Week 5

  • This article from the Washington Post about Middle Schoolers being unable to sit still. Also, the fact that many of us teachers have not figured out that kids need to move. Tell me how you feel after sitting in staff development meetings all day. Did you learn anything? My point exactly.
  • All of Pinterest and its ability to make me feel far superior in my pinning choices. Also, my penchant for using Pinterest to judge people and their pins. I swear I could determine a man’s dating potential based solely on his pins. No lie. I should start a dating service based on this.
  • Elf on the Shelf. Cute? Sure. The fact that everyone and their uncle is posting all their “creative” ideas for how to utilize the elf on Facebook? Annoying as hell. People without kids really don’t care about your stupid elf. Plus, he looks like a cotton-headed ninny muggins. So just go away.
  • The Affordable Care Act. Affordable my ass. I used to be able to get health insurance through the state for $40 a month. Now? I’m lucky if I can get a monthly payment of $99 a month with an itty-bitty deductible of $7500. Really, government? REALLY?! Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of Googling for herbal remedies.

That pretty much covers it. Happy Kwanukkahmas, ya’ll.


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