Things that made me go Hmm… Week 4 (Or, “Meet Tyrone”)


How is it Saturday already? Didn’t I just do this?


My work is never done…

The things that made me go “Hmm…” this week are going to be a bit different. More of a recap to the holiday festivities. Here you go…

  • It has come to my attention, that my sister is one raving lunatic of a control freak. (Mug sister, not “My 6 year old is a dictator in the making” sister.) It has become somewhat of a tradition in my family that every Thanksgiving will be an opportunity to get crafty and create special Christmas decorations. So far we have created fabric Christmas balls, painted Christmas balls, bell ornaments, snowflake ornaments, and a bunch of other crafty crap I can’t think of right now. This year, we made sock snowmen. My control freak of a sister had already created a few to show us what they would look like and to provide us with a template of which to follow. The snowmen were adorable, but they all looked exactly the same…
sock snowmen

Sure, they’re cute, if you’re into cookie cutter cuteness.

So, I took it upon myself to create snowmen with personality… Meet Tyrone:


Tyrone is a bad ass. He knows what’s up.

I thought my sister was going to die. Why was he so fat? Why were his eyes so big? Why were his eyes so close together? Why was his face so short? WHY WAS I DOING IT WRONG?!

Clearly, there is a right way, and a wrong way to create sock snowmen. My way was the wrong way. My way was the fun, creative way. Her way was the stupid way. My way was far superior to her way. But when it comes to being the Martha Stewart of the family, there is a right way and a wrong way to craft, and I was not taking the craft session seriously and my snowman was not cute and he was weird and what kind of a name is Tyrone for a snowman anyway?!

Clearly, I win because Tyrone is fantastic. (And okay, I may have gotten copious amounts of satisfaction from doing it the ‘wrong way’.)

  • My cat is a total cuddle slut. He doesn’t care who he gets cuddles from as long as he’s getting cuddles. This was evident when I walked in the door yesterday evening, and he looked at me and yawned. He didn’t care I was home. My dear friend who had stopped in to check on him in my absence was good enough for him. He was getting his cuddles. I was just another cuddle-giver to him. No loyalty what-so-ever. Sometimes Winston is a bastard.
  • And lastly, Kristen Bell is a total fruitcake when it comes to sloths:

That’s all I’s gots, peeps.


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