Who’s po? That’d be me…

It’s been an expensive month.

Snow tires put on car: Check

Replace battery for car: Check

Highlights for hair which are completely unnecessary and possibly ridiculously frivolous: Check

Gas money for quick trip to drop off donations to shelter: Check

Gas money to visit sister in the big city for Thanksgiving: Check

Gift card for neighbor for jumping dead car: Check

New jeans to hang out in because all the current jeans I own are “too nice” to just “hang out” in (and I needed another ridiculously frivolous purchase): Check

New printer, scanner, copier: Check

New cell phone and plan: Upcoming

Gift card for friend watching Winston while I take off for Thanksgiving weekend: Upcoming

A total of 2 subbing jobs all month and a minimal spousal support agreement finally reached with the ass hat: Priceless.

I am officially “po”, peeps.

And totally rocking this whole divorce thing…

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