I can’t take it anymore…

I think I may need to resort to dressing in long underwear.

Sexy, right?

Sexy, right?

Because I can’t live like this peeps. I am freezing… all the freazin’ time.

Coffee doesn’t keep me warm. Turning on the heat doesn’t keep me warm. Wearing fingerless gloves and slippers and hats indoors doesn’t keep me warm. Ridiculous looking, oversized, clunky sweaters don’t keep me warm. Multiple layers of everything don’t keep me warm. Cuddle-slut cats with fur problems don’t keep me warm. Happy thoughts of Jon Hamm don’t keep me warm.


The fact that the house is ridiculously drafty, we’ve had high winds and temperatures hovering in the teens and dropping below zero at night for the last week and a half, and my mother’s hesitancy to turn on the heat because of high fuel heating costs doesn’t help matters any.

I’m considering wrapping myself in tin foil and taping various heating pads to my body just to prevent heat from escaping.

I take back everything I ever said about liking cold weather and winter.

Screw you, winter. It’s not even December yet, and you’re already playing dirty? Oh, it is ON. (The heat that is…)

Excuse me while I go huddle next to the radiator to drink in the blessed warmth.


2 thoughts on “I can’t take it anymore…

  1. notesfromthebathroomfloor says:

    I feel your pain. I plan to wear fleece legging all winter long, day and night, until our long national nightmare comes to an end. Double sweaters. Scarves. Hats when necessary. And I put a heating pad in my bed before I get in it to prepare it for sleepytime.

    Everything fleece. Just build yourself a nest of fleece, and then rest in it while wearing a suit of fleece.

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