Stupid, stupid, stupid.

As I type this, I am sitting in my bed, curled up under 3 layers of blankets, listening to the wicked wind frantically whip about outside. Why do people always add the “outside” to that statement? Listening to the wind outside. As though the fact that the wind is outside needs clarification. Clearly it’s not whipping around inside your house. Unless you have a hole in your house, in which case you have much more serious problems than just the wind…

Anyway, a typically chilly fall day turned wickedly windy and bitterly cold by nightfall, bringing with it big, sloppy snowflakes that stuck to the ground and left a layer of frosting everywhere you look.

I love it.

I love the snow and the cold. It’s my favorite. Ask me again come March and I might be singing a different tune, but right now, I find it lovely.

It’s the perfect end to a day that began disastrously.

I opened my eyes, saw the morning light streaming through my curtains and the first words out of my mouth were… “Sh*t.”

It was morning. The sun was up. I. Was. So. Flippin’. Late.

I was afraid to look at the time for fear of what it might tell me. I should have been up hours ago, getting ready to go to school. Instead, I slept right through my alarm and didn’t wake up until school was about to start.

Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t.

I called the school. Apologized profusely. I was going to be late.

I semi-washed my hair. Dried it. Pulled some goop through it. Brushed my teeth. Put my clothes on. I was at school 20 minutes later. No breakfast. No coffee. No contacts. No makeup. I probably looked like hell but at least I had made it. I literally ran the three blocks to the school, arriving huffing and puffing and still apologizing profusely. Real cool, sub lady. Come in late. You’re supposed to be here because the teacher can’t be here. Good grief. I felt awful. Thankfully, the principal had filled in for me and the kids had just gotten settled in. Everyone was super understanding and kind about it, but I couldn’t help and wonder if they were secretly rolling their eyes and thinking, “Wow. You idiot.”.

All I remember is waking up at 4:30 with a sneezing jag, an instant clogging of the nasal passages, and a gooey stream of snot running down my chin that would not stop no matter how many tissues I jammed up there. I went back to bed knowing my alarm would go off in another hour and a half. I don’t know if it was the allergy medicine or the total breakdown of proper nasal functionality, but I slept right through it. I could have died. I’m never late for anything. Granted, the damage was already done, there’s nothing I could do about it but fly to work as fast as my feet would carry me, but… it still felt awful.

So the snow? It’s just what I needed to redeem this day.

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