Well, this isn’t healthy…

They’re cutting down a tree on the boulevard today.

Apparently, it takes a dump truck, a utility truck, a back hoe and another large piece of machinery I can’t identify to get it all done. Plus, an additional 4 guys “supervising” the entire process (aka standing around with their hands in their pockets with nothing better to do but watch, nod, and talk about last night’s football game). They’ve been at it for at least the last three hours. Maybe if there wasn’t so much standing around with hands in pockets things would get done a little more quickly. Just a thought…

Watching them stand around like doofuses makes me consider my newly acquired stance on men: I don’t really like them. I used to, but now, I think most of them are just jerks. Even the nice, attractive ones. Beneath all those niceties and dimpled grins is another adulterer, another snake, another two-faced lying sack of doggy doo. Is that harsh? I don’t think so. I think it’s unfortunately true for at least 99.99999% of the male population.

I sound totally bitter and jaded, don’t I? Maybe I am. I just… don’t really like guys anymore. If my husband could do what he did, what’s to stop other guys from doing what they’re going to do just to make themselves feel better? I mean, even pastors and men of God are cheating on their wives and abandoning their families. It makes me think there is zero hope for the male gender.

I can’t even watch movies or TV anymore without getting annoyed and downright rageful at the male leads. I couldn’t even watch one of my favorite movies “13 Going On 30” without developing a deep-seated hatred for Mark Ruffalo for cheating on his fiance with Jennifer Garner. I mean, it was just a kiss, but he was still engaged… it was still cheating! It’s fiction, Annie! It’s still cheating!

Good grief, what is the matter with me? This new phase of hating all things male better stop, otherwise I’m screwed. Or… actually… just the opposite of that.


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