Reasons Today is Awesome.

  • I have the best friends in the world. Not only do they commiserate with me about puking children and share their own hilarious stories about subbing misadventures (taking a group of EBD kindergarteners to a pumpkin patch on a rainy day is one of them…), they also send me hilarious e-mails filled with things like this:

    I ask myself the same thing...

    I ask myself the same thing…

  • I got my hair cut today. (There’s pretty much nothing better than a good hair cut.) I still love my stylist. She still does an amazing job. And I look 85% prettier than I have the last couple of weeks.
  • I finally have ankle height boots with which to wear my adorable boyfriend jeans. They are no longer a summer-only staple. I can wear them year-round… and look adorable like Jennifer Aniston. Okay, maybe not that adorable… but with my new haircut, I’m close to Ginnifer Goodwin-level cute.
  • Now that I’m single, I can officially tromp (How exactly does one “tromp”, anyway? Is this a word I just made up?) around town in my adorable boots with my cute hair and check out the equally cute guys working at the nearby outfitters. Bonus: There are really cute guys working at the nearby outfitters.
  • This:gone-girl-book-cover-medI’m ridiculously excited to read it. And I can finally put down the Dan Brown book I’ve been trying to slog through and all its “scientifically proven” government-inspired conspiracy theories. Yawn.
  • The sun was out today. It made me think about going for a walk. I didn’t go of course, but it’s nice to know I can if I ever get around to it and not have to bundle up in sixteen layers of cardigans and fleece jackets.
  • I made a hefty clothing donation to Goodwill… and I didn’t even ask for a receipt. That’s how charitable I am. (Okay, actually, I was happier about emptying my closet than I was about giving to those less fortunate. I… kind of suck.)

Yes, sir… It was one of those days where you realize, “Maybe life doesn’t suck to the extent I thought it did.” And then tomorrow comes… But for now, I’m going to enjoy the goodness of today.


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