-Begin Rant-

Can I just… you know… would you mind if… I uh… sorta… kinda… ranted my guts out for a minute?

No? You’re okay with that? Really? Oh my goodness… thank you.

Because if I have to deal with any more pettiness from the ass hat, I’m going to get all stabby on his ass. And possibly stab him in the ass.

Because, you know what? I am so impossibly confused as to why he is acting so put out and inconvenienced and is under the impression that he can make all these demands when… HE WAS THE ONE THE ONE THAT CREATED THIS MESS!

I mean… all he had to do was not commit adultery. That’s all. That’s it. It’s pretty easy. Relatively basic, actually. You just… DON’T DO IT. Look around you. People all over the world are not committing adultery right now! Amazing, right? I mean, if millions of people are able to NOT DO IT, then chances are, it’s pretty easy to NOT DO IT. I mean, I’m just speculating here, but you would think…

And seriously… I have barely made any requests of any way shape or form. And Lord knows those requests have been beyond reasonable. And I’ve been nice. And fair. And yet, he can’t possibly consider the fact that since he screwed me over, he might as well help out with the couple of things I’ve requested. I mean, it’s not like his life has been flipped upside down. He still has his job, the apartment, his stuff, (plus, he’s still using all of OUR stuff), his money, his friends, his cars, his insurance, his security, his self-esteem, his LIFE. He hasn’t been inconvenienced in any way, shape, or form by this entire situation. He’s sitting pretty. Life is good. But yet, I make one small request and he needs to dither over it? Play tit for tat? Pretend as though he’s so put upon and his life is so hard and it’s all because of his raving lunatic wife?

Really? REALLY?  I mean…. REALLY?!


You know what? If this doesn’t stop soon, I may just have to prove to him what real raving lunatic wives look like. And then he’ll long for those days when I was fair and nice and reasonable.

DO NOT poke the bear.

-End Rant-


3 thoughts on “-Begin Rant-

  1. Jana says:

    I totally get you! In my case, Doc assured me that he would still be coming to the house to handle all of the chores he did while we were together, as well as handling any maintenance issues that came up. The whole doing chores thing lasted for ONE WEEK. And now, when I call him because something broke, he reacts as if I personally sabotaged the thing just so that I could inconvenience him or make him part from his money. Dude, if I had no reason to call you or see you again, it would make my life SO much easier! How about you fix up the problems with the house (again, like you promised) so we can sell the damn thing and I can move far, far away?

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