Take that, bothersome bank goons.

I just sent a scathing letter to my bank’s board of directors. It was unbelievably satisfying.

I used words like “invasive”, “disheartening”, and “unprofessional”. I told them that I avoided entering their branches because of their “deplorable” customer service practices. I told them their ever-increasingly invasive questions designed to sell me additional products or services were bothersome. I told them I expect better after being a loyal customer for 20 some years. I told them that I was tempted to bank elsewhere, where I felt comfortable and welcome. I basically told them where they could shove their recent changes to customer service practices in a professional and courteous manner. I felt like a tiny part of myself had “stuck it to the man”.

But seriously, this is why your branches are consistently empty! No one wants someone to wait on them who’s going to drill them for personal information just so they can sell them additional products or services. It’s ugly. And unwarranted. And hugely unprofessional. I used to be able to enter my bank and get helpful, friendly, professional service. Now all I get is a push to reveal my deepest, darkest secrets just so they can decide whether to push credit management or home loan services down my throat. I come in to do business, not get therapy. BACK OFF.

And perhaps, I’m more affected by it than usual because at this point in my life I don’t want everyone knowing my business. But this is far from the first time it has happened. And it happens at every branch. And I hate it. My personal life is none of your dang business. I don’t care what you think you can sell me. Help me with my financial needs and let’s move on. We don’t need to go out for drinks afterwards or invite each other to our respective Christmas parties. You’re there to provide a service… so provide it, and then let’s get on with our lives. I understand that the people behind the counter really have no choice in the matter – it’s their job to try to sell me something, to try to provide additional revenue for the company. But you know what? That sucks! That shouldn’t be their job! And I hate that the company bigwigs have initiated a change that is neither helpful nor good. So, yeah… I’m going to send a letter to the board of directors instead of dinking around on sites like Manta or Yelp or the BBB. The bigwigs need to know that their new policy stinks. And it needs to change. Pronto.

Whoa. Okay. Deep breath. Apparently, I’m very fired up about this. It’s just so… MADDENING. Maybe I should hold onto this feeling and call up my ex and make some demands. Yeah. Let’s do that.


2 thoughts on “Take that, bothersome bank goons.

  1. Jana says:

    It happens everywhere these days! I was paying for my purchases at Costco and this woman walks up and greets me (using my name, as if we are good friends) and asks me if I have ever considered buying the Executive membership. I told her I had considered it, and I was not interested. She was not to be deterred – she then said, “But WHY aren’t you interested? You would save so much!” I paused (so I would not either 1) smack her or 2) say something rude) and then looked her straight in the eyes and responded, “Because I’m NOT interested.”

    All I wanted to do was buy my groceries in peace and get home so I could start gorging on the ginormous bag of chocolate truffles I had picked out. Please do not delay an emotionally fragile woman and her chocolate!


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