One Lovely Blog Award

Okay, so I have been nominated a couple of times for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. I’ve never really accepted it in the past because… as much as I love the idea of people appreciating and being able to connect with the things I put on here, there is no way I could single out just 15 other blogs for the award, which is one of the requirements for accepting the award.

I follow and keep up with a lot of blogs. There are a lot that I haven’t gotten around to following, that I connect with on a regular basis. Let me just say, there are a TON of really talented writers out there and a TON of exceptional blogs. I don’t want to single out just 15 people, because everyone who has ever followed this blog, or liked this blog, or commented on this blog has either an amazing story to tell or an exceptional writing talent – and I’d hate to pinpoint only 15 at the expense of all the others. (Listen to me… little Miss Conservative Republican over here being all, “No! I don’t like competition! Let’s all hold hands and sing Kum-ba-yah!” I’m turning into a hippie… )* It’s just that there’s something I appreciate about ALL the blogs I’ve come across and I don’t want to single only 15 out. You are all special and unique snowflakes with your own set of fingerprints, and I love you all.

Okay. Vomit-inducing pep talk over. Let’s dance.

* That was sarcasm. Please don’t send me angry political rants about why Republicans suck, or how liberals are not hippies. It was an exaggeration to make a point. Okay? We’re all friends. I love everyone. Seriously. For reals. Don’t even go there.


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