You’d think I’d have figured it out by now…

The other day, my mom and I were watching a Lifetime movie. (Don’t you judge. You know you watch Lifetime movies. You’re just too afraid to admit it.) The “victim” in the movie (because the main character is always the victim of something… stalking, rape, abuse, infidelity, false accusations, bad hair, bad acting, bad script…) found that her bank account had supposedly been emptied by her recovering alcoholic husband who had gambled it away. (I seriously did not make that up. That was one of the plot lines.)

“Oh, please.” I said to my mom. “Like you wouldn’t know if your husband had a gambling problem.”

She got an amused look on her face and just stared at me.

And then she burst out laughing.

I think I said something to the effect of, “Oh, shut up.”

Trust me. The irony was not lost on me.


2 thoughts on “You’d think I’d have figured it out by now…

  1. betternotbroken says:

    Yep. Don’t judge the people watching Lifetime and do not judge the characters ON Lifetime either, learned that one the hard way. I like your humor, I wish you the best and good luck with your blog, you are off to a good start.


  2. Mark says:

    We keep our deepest secrets locked away …. Heck I almost reached over the table and tackled my Manager once when he was joking that “I was too busy one the weeknd to tend to the lawn as I was tied up with my mistress”. Yet it is my ex who was disappearing for three hour trips to the grocery store, or four hour commutes home. When we are ready to reach out to our friends and family for support — we know they will e there 24/7. Until then — remember, this audience is only a post away.


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