Nice Guy

There are days… like today… where I just want a little vindication. I want his lies and his betrayal to be exposed, and for people to see the true nature of his character. I want people to see that I played no part in this. That what he’s told them have been lies. That in this particular situation, I have been blameless.

I want to write a thousand Facebook posts about what he did. I want to run an ad in the paper. I want to write scathing letters to his family. What I really want is some justice.

I hate that there are people out there who think that this came about as part of a mutual decision when it couldn’t be further from the truth. That the girl he was seeing was just a “good friend” and we had been having issues for some time. It’s what he’s told people and I hate it. It’s not true At least be man enough to stand by your decisions and admit to them. This had nothing to do with me, Ass Hat. This was all you!

But then, admitting to it might tarnish his “nice guy” reputation. Oh, he’s such a “nice guy”! That must have been so hard for such a “nice guy” to make such a tough decision. Tough decision? Which part? The deceit, the betrayal or the abandonment? Yeah, I’m sure it was a real “tough decision” for such a “nice guy”.

And I really hate that he’s still trying to play the “nice guy” card with me. Like our marriage is just water under the bridge. We’re good buddies, old pals. I truly think he expects me to cheer him on for being such a “nice guy” through this whole divorce proceeding. Yay! Three cheers for Ass Hat, a truly “nice guy”!

Clearly I have a different definition of “nice guy”.


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