Cure-all, magic drug.

Can we talk about haircuts for a moment?

Because I’m pretty sure haircuts are a cure-all, magic drug.

Divorce, anniversaries of terrorist attacks, being unemployed, not being able to find something cute to wear, lack of sleep, idiot drivers, severe drought of a social life… you name it, a new haircut can cure it.

But I’m not talking about a trim. Like, take a little off the edges just to clean it up. I’m talking about an entirely new look. Highlights, lowlights, crazy new color, going drastically short, doing something you’ve never done with it before. That’s the kind of haircut I’m talking about. Something different. Something drastic. A new you.

It is seriously the best remedy for pretty much everything.

Unless, of course, you get a stylist who just butchers your hair. Then that’s not good. So, make sure you go somewhere you’ve heard great things about. And then stick with it. A stylist who can consistently make your hair look awesome is a gold mine. They’re like best friends, or good subs: once you find a good one, hold onto it for dear life and never let anyone pry it from your cold, lifeless hands. Unless, of course, you really are dead. In which case, it’s best to let them go because you can’t take them with you. And they probably wouldn’t want to go with you. Even if they love you.

Seriously, a good stylist is pretty much the most powerful thing a woman can have in her arsenal. Find one and stick with them. If you’re going through a divorce right now, stop whatever you’re doing, go get some recommendations for a good stylist and get your hair cut. I’m not even kidding. Do it. Do it now. It will do wonders for your outlook on life, your self esteem and your strength.

It’s amazing what a good haircut will do.

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