I did it.

I bit the bullet.

I’m filling out my substitute teaching application for the local school. The same school I attended as a wee one. (Is that going to be weird? Subbing at the same school I once went to? Are there any of my old teachers still there? Would they recognize me? Would I call them by their first name? Ugh. No. Definitely not. Too weird. Is this just a really bad idea?)

I really didn’t want to. I hate the thought of subbing. Do you know what substitute teachers have to go through? (Check under the heading Paid Time Off and Sick Leave. It’s horrifying and intimidating and awful.) I was determined to never, ever sub. And then Reality tapped me on the shoulder and was all pompous and jerky about it. 

“Um… you don’t have a job right now…”

Yeah, Reality. I know. I KNOW, ALRIGHT?!

So, I finally did it.

We shall see what happens.



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