Dear Local, Small-Town Pharmacy:

Why do you hate me?

I thought we had a pretty good thing going.

Clearly you thought differently.

I’ll admit, maybe I didn’t stop in and use your services as often as you would have liked. And perhaps I took up with Big City Pharmacy for the past few years. But, that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you.

I never took you for granted. You were there for me when I left my prescriptions at home and needed temporary ones. I could depend on you when Big City Pharmacy was out of reach. Maybe I never said it, but I appreciated everything you did for me.

So, why this? Why now? Why the hate? The betrayal? The murderous plot to bring about my demise? Were my transgressions so great that they warranted such homicidal behavior?

I think not.

You can make all the excuses you like, but we both know that 50 and 100 are not the same number. We both know my prescription specifically stated 50 mg. Did you think I wouldn’t notice that my label now read 100 mg? That my pills looked different than before?

Did you think I wouldn’t check? That I didn’t read labels carefully enough to know my prescription may promote drowsiness? I know you like to watch me sleep, but this is bordering on psychopathic.

Why the hate? Why would you want to kill me? What would that remedy? How would that benefit you? Your betrayal cuts to the quick.

However, I will be the bigger person. I will accept your apology. I will also accept your $20 gift card as a way of remedying the situation. But I will never forget.




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