I have no title for this hissy fit.



There are moments when all I want to do is gouge his eyes out with an old wooden spoon. And then maybe he’ll stop acting all “concerned” and “considerate” and “noble” and like “the bigger person”. Because seriously? The damage is done. No amount of concern or consideration is going to remedy the fact that you are a ridiculously large ass hat. Seriously, does he think I’m going to go around telling people how wonderfully considerate he was about filing for divorce? Really? REALLY?! “Yeah, he’s a total jerk-face loser, but he sure was sweet when we were filing for divorce.”


I think the worst thing of all is that he thinks he’s sparing my feelings. As though I’m going to fall apart and realize, it really IS over?! DUDE. I HAVE NO FEELINGS ON THE MATTER ANYMORE. I JUST WANT IT OVER WITH. WHAT PART OF THIS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? SPRECHEN SIE ENGLISCH?

BLAR. What an idiot.

I’m done now. It’s really not worth my time. I have to go put on my boyfriend jeans and look ridiculously ravishingly beautiful while staring at pictures of Jon Hamm now.


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