Potty Mouth

There’s something I gotta get off my chest. And I’m sure it will sound silly and absurd to most of you, but it’s really been bothering me, so I have to say something.

I’ve been kind of a potty mouth on here lately. Yes, there are times when the writer in me takes over and the best word I can use to describe something or sum something up is a curse word… but the rest of the time, I’ve been tossing tasteless phrases around even when it isn’t necessary. And I hate that.

“Profanity is evidence of an insufficient vocabulary.” Oh, how true.

So, I need to apologize for that. Especially when I’m doing that as a professing Christian and being all !#$%&*@%# at the same time. It just doesn’t jive. So, please excuse the profanity.

However, there may be times when I just really need to get something off my chest and vent – and if those times include a few instances of cursing – I will apologize ahead of time if they offend you.

Kay? We cool? Awesome. I knew you peeps would understand.





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