Keep your legalism off my yoga pants


Were you guys aware that yoga pants are apparently an issue in some Christian circles?

Yeah. There’s this big ol’ dumb debate over the “appropriateness” of yoga pants.


Yoga pants?

Shouldn’t we be more concerned with feeding the hungry and clothing the homeless and reaching people for Christ than getting all uppity about… yoga pants? I mean… of all the things to be upset about, these people are going to choose yoga pants?

If you weren’t in the loop over the “Great Yoga Pant Debate”, take heart. Neither was I. It was only brought to my attention by a dear friend who was raving mad about it… and with good reason.

Isn’t it enough that in some Christian circles (Please note that I said some… not all… thank God) that women are shamed for being… well… women? We’re supposed to feel guilty for having breasts and butts and legs and curves. In come circles, it’s almost as though women were created for the sole purpose of tempting men and causing them to sin. Therefore, because of this, we are guilty for tempting men and causing them to sin just by being there.

Dear Men All Over the Globe:

I apologize for tempting you and causing you to sin. I didn’t realize I was doing it. My bad. I’ll go put on my potato sack dress now so that you will no longer fall into sin because I am here.

Love n’ kisses,


Whew! Wow. So glad I got that off my chest. What a burden I’ve been carrying since birth.

Good grief. What would you followers of Christ like women to do? Wear a baggy t-shirt and jeans? Maybe a moo-moo? Refuse to put on hair or make-up or any “adornments”? Because clearly, in some circles, unless we do exactly that we’re being big ol’ Jezebels. Advertising something that isn’t for sale. We are such whores.

Oh, but wait. If we don’t make ourselves attractive – at least to our husbands – then we are responsible for not doing our “wifely duties” and causing our men to go astray. Because our men will go astray if we don’t make ourselves attractive to them. (Don’t laugh. I actually sat through such a church sermon where women were literally blamed for men cheating on them.) But be careful, because if you do make yourself attractive for your husband, don’t go out in public like that. You’ll only cause other brothers to sin.

Clearly, ladies, we cannot win.

But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong. Maybe we just need to be better organized… maybe get a schedule going? Potato sack, smelly pits, rat’s nest hair in public in the AM. Yoga pants, tank tops, jewelry and perfume in the PM? Cool. That’ll work.

What is this? Radical Islam?

I literally cannot believe that this is an issue for some Christians. It’s bad enough that men think they have a right to put these restrictions on women. It’s even worse when women jump on the band wagon.

Seriously, are you people for reals?

If I choose to wear yoga pants (which I do because they’re pretty much the best things ever created) I am not responsible for your lustful thoughts. Take responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming someone else, MEN.

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps you men pose a “stumbling block” for your “Christian sisters”? (Seriously. Best. Blog Post. EV-ER. You need to read it.)  HM?  Um, suits? Dress shirts paired with cardigans? Cologne? Well-fitting jeans? UNIFORMS?! Seriously, quit playing the victims and start acting like “real men” who take responsibility for their actions. We women do it every day. It’s quite rewarding.

Besides, aren’t you blowing this way out of proportion? I’m not a man, and maybe I don’t have a clue as to how the male mind works but… finding someone sexually attractive is normal – not sinful. It’s what you choose to do with that attraction that is the difference. Just because I see an attractive man does not mean I cannot control my thoughts or actions simply because of noticing said attractive man. (This article sums it up terrifically. Although I don’t agree with all of it, a lot of it is excellent.)

I’m not saying modesty isn’t something to be valued. I think women (AND MEN!!!) should dress modestly. They don’t have to have skirts that barely cover the bum, or shirts so low you can see “the girls”, or skin tight leggings that show everything. But there’s a huge difference between teaching girls to dress modestly and shaming them for being women.

I will continue to wear my yoga pants. I will not feel guilty for it and I will not allow others to make me feel guilty for it. Keep your legalism away from my yoga pants.


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