I have nothing today, peeps. I really don’t.

Although… come to think of it… maybe one thing.



Woolite?! Dry Cleaner Solution?!


Um… if you are not jumping up and down right now screaming like a winner on “The Price is Right”, one of two things is wrong with you.

  1. You have never lived in a small town where “Dry Cleaning” is a strange, alien-term used by “Big City Folk” and therefore not anywhere near your vernacular, and the closest thing to a “Dry Cleaner Thingy-Mabobber” is two hours away from you.
  2. You never read the labels of your clothes and therefore, do not give a flying fig if an article clearly states “Dry Clean Only” and thus have never had use of a “Dry Cleaner”.

Because seriously, when I saw this, I got all excited and tingly and made a mental note that I really need to get out more.

But for reals, ya’ll. You put this stuff in with your hoity-toity, fancy-pants, “Dry Clean Only” clothing items, run it in the dryer for 20 minutes… and… IT DRY CLEANS YOUR CLOTHES. AT HOME. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.


Do you know how long I have waited for a product like this to walk into my life?!

Uh… FOREVER. (And yes, I am aware that I probably got the Foreigner song complete with rockin’ synthesization stuck in your head… and YOU’RE WELCOME.)

I’ve been waiting for you, Woolite Ingenius Idea. Welcome.

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