Can we all just agree on one thing?

Sleep is pretty much the best thing ever invented. Ever.

I don’t know who invented it (God, probably?), but it was surely a stroke of genius.

I love sleep. It is the cream in my coffee. The pep in my step. My silver lining.

Sleep is sometimes the highlight of my day. Oftentimes, I fantasize about the moment I get to crawl back under the covers and block the world out.

Is that weird? That’s probably a little weird. It probably sounds like I’m clinically depressed. Or have some sort of sleep disorder. Just so we’re clear… I don’t… but it probably sounds like I do.

It’s just that sleep is… well… it’s amazing! Is there anything better than a soft comfy bed with a warm cozy blanket to sink your tired body and over-worked mind into after a long, arduous day of doing? NO, I SAY! THERE IS NOT! (As I type this, I am lustfully eyeing my bed and pillow wondering if I should just give into a quick 15 minute nap. 15 minutes. What could it hurt?)

I probably like sleep a little too much. Especially recently. At first, when my life imploded, I couldn’t sleep AT ALL. Now, I’m all like, “Hey! I’ve got a great idea! Let’s go back to bed! YAYYYYY!!!!” (Yeah, this is starting to sound more and more like a problem…)

This morning, I had my alarm set for 8:30. Now, before you go and get all, “Psh. 8:30? Girl, I’ve gotten more done by 8:30 than you get done all day!” remember that I’m on SUMMER VACATION and I have a right to sleep in after getting up at 5:45 to go to work with little hoodlums all year long. I deserve it. So, you shut it, you judgers.

I realize, 8:30 is no big feat… but DUDE… I couldn’t even do THAT. I was like, “UGH… 8:30? Ugh… too early. Is it even light out yet?” I was not able to peel my body from the covers until 9:20. I am a failure. It’s just that… it felt so good. And if I could have stayed without feeling ridiculously guilty about it, I probably would still be there even now… at 11:25.

I am… so lame.

The thing is… I LOVE mornings! Mornings are great! It’s probably the best time of day to get things done! It’s just that… I also hate them with the hatred of a thousand burning suns. I mean, why can’t morning start at noon? THAT I could handle. Why does morning have to be so freakin’ early? Seriously, who was the genius who thought that one up?

And now, tomorrow, I have to drop off my car at 8:00 in the morning to get it looked at because it is acting ridiculously stupid. 8:00! Eight freakin’ o’clock! I don’t even have to be up at that time… I have to be AT THE SHOP by that time! What the what?! Who’s even up that early?! I mean, besides responsible, contributing members of society?

Blar. I need more coffee.


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