99 Days of Freedom

I’m considering leaving Facebook.

Not permanently (Although, that may not be such a bad idea…) but just for a while.

I’ve discovered that when I’m on Facebook, I’m constantly comparing my life to the lives of others. And this is something that is definitely not helping at such a complicated time in my life.

Every time I’m on there, someone has a new job, a new engagement, a new baby. Someone is taking a fantastic trip, losing weight, adopting a precious animal. I keep looking at these postings and I can’t help but think… “Boy, does my life suck.”

Which, in all actuality, it doesn’t! I mean, yeah, I’m going through a tough time right now, but my life certainly doesn’t suck. But being on Facebook makes it feel that way. And yet, of course, I know no one is going to post about what is wrong with their life (unless they’re a hardcore attention whore) so the whole thing is a fallacy. And yet while I logically know that… it doesn’t make the experience any more pleasant.

So why do I continue to torture myself on Facebook? Why is it necessary to compare my life to others’? It’s not but… I don’t know that I could just… leave. I mean, what if someone needs to get in touch with me and the only way is through Facebook messenger? What if I want to post some really awesome pictures about how fantastic my life is? What if I see a news article that I am just desperate to share? What if someone has a life altering experience and I know nothing about it? WHAT THEN?!

It’s ridiculous that Facebook has turned us into these people. I mean, seriously… why do we care? Shouldn’t we be more interested in our lives anyway?

There’s this experiment called “99 Days of Freedom“. I’m considering taking the challenge. Save myself some misery and that thing… what is that called?  Oh yeah, TIME.



5 thoughts on “99 Days of Freedom

  1. Eschoenradt says:

    I deleted my facebook over amonth ago and do not miss it at all. It truly does give me more time but more than that is the comparing myself and my life to others. It drains you…


  2. youngandtwenty says:

    I’ve deactivated my Facebook constantly for weeks or months on end and although I always reactivate it, I’m happiest when it’s gone. Give it a try for sure! You’ll be amazed at the difference in your life.

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